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Minerals / Vitamins

At Fadden’s pharmacy we are aware that every now and then we all need a boost! Our vitamins section contains a large range of vitamins, minerals and natural medicines to suit everyone in the family from vitamin D drops for the new baby to omega 3 for granny.

Here is a list of just some of the ranges we stock in our vitamins/minerals section [e.g. A Vogel, MorEpa, Sona, Tisserand, Udo's Choice, Solgar & Vitabiotics].

Don’t forget that supplements may interact with other medications and also may need to be avoided if you suffer from certain medical conditions. For example pregnant women should avoid vitamin A and people on warfarin should be aware that products containing ginseng may alter their INR level. For this reason it is always recommended to speak with one of our Pharmacists before starting any new supplement.